Rent your gold

Let your gold make your profit month by month

We teach your gold to work and earn.

Normally, you keep your gold and it is lying in wait. And you bear your costs: of storage, transporting, insurance, appraisal, etc. In this case you have to forget for a time about making a profit. Well, what if would “rent” your gold? You will be able not only save your costs, but also make a profit. And, of course, you can also keep your asset.

AbsolutePower offers a program, which let you rent your gold. After that you get it back together with the interest income.

43.94 USD
Current price for 1 g. of fine gold under the program “Rent your gold”
1318.28 USD
Your profit per month from the rental of 1 kg fine gold
23.6 USD
Current price for 1 g. of gold scrap under the program “Rent your gold”
708 USD
Your profit per month from the rental of 1 kg gold scrap
Rent your gold – who can participate in this program?

Individuals, which have their savings in the form of fine gold 999,9 (28 carat) or of gold scrap 585 (14 carat).

Those, who used to invest and is looking for new ways to invest.

Those who is looking for new ways to increase their retirement savings.

People who need extra earnings

Who don’t want to risk their gold

Appreciate your benefits of participating in this program
High returns – 3 % per month
Reliability – you get back gold with the same fineness and weight
Capital and income increase
No cost, no fees
How does the Program “Rent your gold” work?
AbsolutePower is a manufacturer of gold bars and jewellery. This program is used to develop jewelry business. And you take on the role of investor. We use your gold as a raw material for manufacturing of jewellery
You know that fine gold is not used in production of jewellery as a rule. Jewellery is produced from alloys of gold and other metals. Add to that retail and wholesale margin, and you’ll discover how jewelry stores make profit 200-300 % from 1 kg of gold.
We sale our jewels wholesale, using our own partnership program. It allows make a profit, which is enough to ensure the payment of interest for using your gold. And also to ensure the company’s development.
You invest your gold for a term of 6 months and over. After that we return you the gold bar with the same weight and fineness like by that one, which you have rent. At the same time we transfer to your account interest at the rate of 3 % per month.
Fill in the application form to join the Program “Rent your gold”

Fill in the application form and let your gold start working.

By registering on the AbsolutePower portal, you confirm the acceptance of the User Agreement.
If you have any more questions
You can rent gold of any weight and shape. The main requirement is fineness. This means that gold should be 999.9 (28 carats), and scrap - 585 (14 carats).
After registering we will send you a contract, which you can learn about your rights in case of participation.
You can send us your gold bar using our own delivery service. But you also can rent your gold bar at the nearest office of our partners.
It will be 6 moths for goldbars and 18 months for scrap
We evaluate your gold bar at the sales price, excluding discount rate 20%. Your scrap will be evaluated in accordance with our purchase price, also excluding discount rate 20%. Your profit per month will be calculated regarding to this value. Sales price and purchase price of gold change every day. This discount is our small insurance against contingencies.
Sure, upon expiration of the rental term you get guaranteed interest and your gold bar can continue working. The rental period will be extended. You can monitor your rental status and determine future strategy using your personal account.
As a rule, no. But it can be possible by agreement with the management of the company. But in this case interest payments are not guaranteed.
The period for paying interest for bars and scrap is the same - every 6 months. Money is paid to your details specified in your personal account.
You can rent your scrap 585. Contact please the offices of our partners, where experts will accurately determine the weight and fineness of scrap.
At the end of the rental term you will receive the gold bar the same fineness 999,9 (24 carat) and weight In case of scrap you can choose any product from our shop with the same shape, weight and fineness.

Do you still have any questions?
Ask here please and have detailed answers.

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