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Easy start of business for individuals

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Everybody is able to sell retail jewellery and make money with help of AbsolutePower. We start our partnership program for investment in jewellery, which was developed for individuals. Buy jewellery at wholesale price and sell them using our marketplace AbsolutePower.

Easy start of business for individuals with the marketplace AbsolutePower
Jewellery at wholesale price
Guaranteed sale
Profit from 50%
The secret of profitability from retail with our marketplace AbsolutePower

How does it work? Retail prices of jewellery are 100 to 200% higher than factory prices. On this reason is retail sale a guaranteed way to make profit.

Example of profit calculation


AbsolutePower produces wholesale quantity


AbsolutePower supplies jewellery in bulk to the partners with profitability 15-20%


You (Partner) determine the retail price taking into account the recommendations of AbsolutePower

Become a partner of AbsolutePower

AbsolutePower provides individuals access to the marketplace on website On this marketplace are placed premium class products from various manufacturers as well as from partners of AbsolutePower. We provide you with technical support service and a lot of views for your products.

What is needed to start cooperation

Compliance with the legal conditions. You sign our contract and become a representative of AbsolutePower Company. It means you act on our behalf.
Amount of money needed to be invested. Our fundamental interest is to get means for development of business and to make a profit. What do we do in return? We allow making money thanks to the difference between retail and wholesale prices.
Your benefits
Easy start.
Your company was already established. You only have to start working. You don't need any other costs except your investment in product. AbsolutePower assumes all legal fees and organizational costs.
You don't run a risk. Thanks to initial low wholesale price you will sell your products for sure and make a profit.
Reliable supplier - manufacturer.
You don't have to look for a supplier- we offer jewellery which satisfy all requirements of modern design. A broader range of price and wide choice of products.
Delivery at the expenses of our marketplace.
No delivery costs. All what is needed is to find a buyer.
It is a lot easier to sell products of the well-known brand. All products are certified by AbsolutePower.
What products does AbsolutePower offer?

Tradable jewellery

Rings in bulk

Necklaces and bracelets in bulk

Earrings in bulk

All jewellery is produced as-manufactured. We use certified precious stones and precious metals with proved fineness. Finished products have quality certificates of the satndard form.

How to become a partner/an investor and to start make money

3 simple steps

You create your personal account as an investor in jewellery. To pass verification you sign a contract and become a representative of AbsolutePower. After that you can buy jewellery in bulk and retail it.
Choose the available wholesale article. After you have chosen you will see the invoice in your personal account. After payment you have a right to sell your products.
You are able to create the retail article in your personal account and to place it to sale at our marketplace. After payment we will deliver the product to the buyer.
Fill in the application form to join the Program "Your jewelry shop online"

Fill in the application form and start make your money using AbsolutePower Marketplace.

By clicking "Submit" you accept the User Agreement User Agreement.
If you have any more questions
The buyer transfers money using your bank details (your card or your account), which you specify in your personal account. Shipment of goods is possible only after payment confirmation.
Places are first come first served. We control the quantity of goods to avoid competition on our marketplace.
The jewellery will be made within 2-3 weeks after transferring money. After that you can start selling.
Sure, we can deliver you all goods at once. After that you assume further responsibility for delivery of goods to your customers and bear all expenses.
You can advertise our marketplace AbsolutePower and your articles. You can do it with the help of social networks, message boards, forums, and any available channels.

Do you still have any questions?
Ask here please and have detailed answers.

What else is needed except investments?

Except your investments you need only to have a desire to earn. To expedite your sales you can advertise it using all available ways: social networks, talking to your friends, placing free advertisements.

Every day, online trading is becoming increasingly popular. Try it now - starting in this business has never been so easy.