Invest in production
of precious metals with maximal annual profit 36%

  • Sale of bars: Gold bar 999.9 fineness 1000 g = 61,436.430 USD Silver bar 1000 g = 1,230.500 USD
  • Scrap up: Gold scrap 585 fineness 1 g = 32.80 USD
  • Silver scrap 1 g = 0.78 USD
  • Exchange Rates: 1 USD = 0.9318 EUR 1 XAU Gold Ounce = 1,853.4651 USD 1 XAG Silver Ounce = 22.1155 USD
Reliability of gold
Secure and profitable business
Diversification of investments
Certified by LBMA
Is there an alternative to investments in gold bars?

The generally accepted view is that, investing in business is too risky. But what if this is a business based on most liquid assets - on gold?

The manufacturer of gold bars is insured against the risk not to find buyers or not to settle with creditors. All that is left to do is find reliable partnership and to organize the process.

Earn together with manufacturer

A.T.Proprety ( brand AbsolutePower) invites all who wants to earn to its gold business. Invest in manufacturing and sale of gold bars, as well as of luxury jewelry.

You take part in business AbsolutePower as investor.

Using investors’ funds our company manufactures, stores, delivers and sells bars and jewelry.

We make profit. You have annual interest income up to 36%.

Your benefits
Protection against upward jumps
Price for gold moves up and down. Business yield is stable.
Clear plan of withdrawal
Select a suitable investment period in advance
Guaranteed income
From 9.6% to 36% per annum
Diversification of investments
The alternative to bars and securities
Select an investment program

Convenient periods of investing in business for gold manufacturing. Have your interests after 30 days.

Rate per month 0.8% 1.2% 1.6% 3%
Rate per year 9.6% 14.4% 19.2% 36%
Term 4 months 6 months 1 year 3 years
Withdrawal of profits and funds in 4 month in 6 months in a year in 3 years
More More More More
  • Package
    • 0.8%
    • Rate per month
    • 9.6%
    • Rate per year
    • Withdrawal of profits and funds
    • in 4 month
    • More
  • Package
    • 1.2%
    • Rate per month
    • 14.4%
    • Rate per year
    • Withdrawal of profits and funds
    • in 6 months
    • More
  • Package
    • 1.6%
    • Rate per month
    • 19.2%
    • Rate per year
    • Withdrawal of profits and funds
    • in a year
    • More
  • Package
    • 3%
    • Rate per month
    • 36%
    • Rate per year
    • Withdrawal of profits and funds
    • in 3 years
    • More


Calculate your profit from the investment in advance


Select or enter a one-time investment amount

Investment term:

Select or enter the investment period in months


  • Interest rate:

    30% per annum

  • Monthly income:

    $ 30

  • 12 month revenue:

    $ 30

  • Amount to issue:

    $ 30

Become an investor
How does investing in manufacturing of gold work?
We purchase precious metals scrap using invested funds
By remelting of scrap we produce bars made from fine gold 999,9
This bars are sold to jewelry plants

The Manufacturer makes his profit from the difference between purchase price of scrap and finished bars from fine gold 999,9. Yeild of business is at least 10% from each transaction. AbsolutePower shares this income with the investors.

Secrets of business profitability from AbsolutePower

Example of simple for yield calculation


We purchase 14-carat gold scrap


We turn gold into 1 kg bars made from fine gold 999,9


After sale we get profit at least 10%

Our own manufacturing of luxury jewelry
The second line of business, where investors’ funds are also used.
We involve scrap in our own manufacturing of top-class unique products.
Products are made after a registering a request on our own marketplace.
The rate of return regarding this business is at least 20%. AbsolutePower shares this income with the investors.
Purchase gold or invest in business AbsolutePower?

Compare opportunities

I have invested in gold business of AbsolutePower
Generates permanent income
A safe way to increase your assets
Guaranteed annual return up to 36%
Your profit is calculated in advance
I have bought a gold bar
Requires storage costs
Is considered as store of value
Increasing of value in a short time is not guaranteed
The exact cost cannot be predicted
5 elements of reliable business
Product of steady demand

The demand for gold is coming from traders, jewelry manufacturers, electrical industry, banks, medicine, investors, etc.

Since the gold standard was canceled manufacturing of gold and its trade volumes have increased steadily.

Transparent business model without risks
The client makes down payment up to 10 %
Purchasing of scrap and manufacturing
The second payment of the client is 90%
Gold is shipped to the client

When placing his order the buyer makes down payment and fixes price. If the ordered products are available in storage, we start shipment. If not, scrap will be sent to the partner factory. After finishing manufacturing Buyer makes the final payment and receives goods. So there is no risk regarding payment.


There is a direct relationship between prices for fine gold and for scrap. When gold becomes cheaper, also price for scrap comes down. That is why the return rate is always the same.


A.T. Property cooperates with market leaders


Is essential to the successful promotion. In the case of A.T. Property it is АbsolutePower. Identified and protected trademark with the picture of Pharaoh. It symbolizes the absolute power and control in finance. Is printed on each bar of gold, and all products are certified. It enhances buyers confidence and increases the brand recognition.

This brand is registered under №018086207 in Intellectual Property Office in the EU.

Invest in an exclusive brand
Competitive advantage

How the company can beat off competition and fill its niche? This secret lies in pricing policy.

AbsolutePower offers purchase prices for scrap, which are above market prices. It means that the company easy finds suppliers and concludes the long-terms agreements with them.

When selling the bars of gold are priced below the current market price. It ensures guaranteed sale. It is important that in the same time this business is profitable, because the estimated profit rate is about 30%.

Our production target for 2026

Purchase, melting and sale of 100 tons of precious metals

Investment volume is limited and depends on demand for finished products. In case of a gold bars sales slowdown the investments taking will be terminated. But previously taken for any periods investments continue to work and make profit.

How to became an investor?

3 simple steps

Sign in and create your personal account. Accept the user agreement for participant.
Deposit your account. After that select a service plan and volume of investment.
Get your interests at the end of investment period together with your capital.


To gain access to the investor’s personal account, it is necessary to register

By registering on the AbsolutePower portal, you confirm the acceptance of the User Agreement.
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Legal documents

If you have any more questions
Our company always purchases scrap for manufacturing of gold bars. We need more and more scrap due to increase of demand for fine gold around the world. Investments are the way to attract the incremental working capital and enable the company’s business growth.
Yes, the period between scrap purchasing and finished product manufacturing is around 40 days. But movement of price for gold in this period doesn’t exceed 1-2%. This is offset by the estimated profit rate 30%, which is already priced in.

There are 4 protection strategies.

Liquid asset. In case of our business interruption or termination, the company will have such assets as bars from finegold 999,9, as well as luxury jewelry or gold scrap. In case of sale abovementioned products, the company will be able to cover its debt to investors.

Financial control and discipline. The part of profit from investor's funds is saved for further payments and is not spent. The turnover includes only profit of the company and the amount of the main contribution ofi nvestors.

Reserve fund. The company creates the reserve fund which is 100 % equivalent to all payment of interests.The source of this reserve fund is company’s profit.

Limitation of new investments. If the company receives not enough number of orders, the purchase of scrap is unnecessary. This will lead to gold overstock and increase of costs. In this case we stop to take new investments to avoid financial risks.

Do you still have any questions?
Ask here please and have detailed answers.