User agreement Project

1. Under the Project «ABSOLUTE-POWER» are operated several programs.

2. Program participants (hereinafter the Participants) are persons or entities, which are voluntarily acceded to the proposed programs and place their funds, legally owned by them (hereinafter the Funds) under the project «ABSOLUTE-POWER»

3. Project manager (hereinafter the Contractor) is an entity «A.T. Property LTD», which approves and implements under the project several programs for trading and refining of precious metals.

4. Project programs are the linked action system of Manager and Participant under rules, which are available on the website of the project «ABSOLUTE-POWER».

5. Each project participant should be logged on the Contractor’s Website.

6. Participant registration is carried out on the "Registration" page or in the "Registration" block.

7. When registering the Participant provides the following information: name, contact phone number, email address, country name.

8. The personal data of the Participant is processed under applicable law on personal data. By submitting his personal data to the Contractor, the Participant agrees to their processing by the Contractor.

9. The Participant agrees not to disclose to third party the data specified by him during registration. If the Participant has suspicions about the security of his data or the possibility of unauthorized use by third parties, the Participant undertakes to immediately inform the Contractor by sending an appropriate email to:

10. After having registered, the Participant gets access to the Personal Account.

11. The Personal Account of the Participant contains all Information about project programs, in which the Participant can participate.

12. The Personal Account of the Participant will be displayed all transactions with the Participant’s funds.

13. The Participant is fully responsible for misrepresentation, which entailed the impossibility of the Contractor’s proper performance of his obligations against the Participant.

14. After transferring Participant’s funds to the Contractor’s account, the Contractor acquires the right to use the Participant’s Funds in various transactions to which the Contractor will be a party.

15. The Contractor uses the Participant’s funds after reliability verification of counterparties to transactions and accepts risks concerning default in performance of counterparty’s obligations.

16. The Participant agrees to scrupulously follow all rules of the project.

17. The Participant agrees that he has no right to demand a refund before the program expiration.

18. The Participant understands and agrees that decisions made by the Contractor when using his Funds are subject to various risks. The Participant understands and agrees with the probability of force majeure circumstances for which the Contractor is not responsible.

19. The Participant has the right to receive reliable information from the Contractor about which projects / enterprises / objects his funds has been invested in if his rights are violated and he does not receive that to what he has the right under the chosen program.

20. The Participant agrees to fully comply with the User Agreement. The parties undertake to not disseminate information about each other, about these Rules to other persons, cooperate predicating on the principle of trade secret and confidentiality