Support service:

Sale of goods

To create a lot

The “Add Lot " button allows you to go to the page of creating your lot for sale on our portal. When you go to the lot creation page, you will see the fields to fill in:

  • Image of lot. To upload a photo, click on the “ + " icon in the center of the dotted line
  • The lot type. Select from the drop-down list the type of lot depending on your product.
  • The lot color. Select the color that matches your lot from the drop-down list. (is available only WHITE)
  • Name. Fill in the field with the name of your lot.
  • Manufacturer. Indicate the factory or company – manufacturer of given product.
  • Weight. Specify the weight by selecting the appropriate units in the drop-down list. Grams or ounces.
  • Size. Specify dimensions in millimeters Length / Height/Width.
  • Number. Enter the number of pieces for sale.
  • Description. Make a brief description of the lot.
  • Price. Indicate the price per unit.

Display in the catalog. Check the box to display the lot in the Marketplace catalog

After completing and verifying the entered data, click the "Save" button. Your lot is added to the catalog.

My lots

Following the link “My lots”, you will find your list of all added lots view them in the Market catalog, edit each lot, or delete the irrelevant one.

To view the lot and to get the detailed information about it click an “Eye” icon in the right column of the table "My Lots" opposite each available lot. On this page, you will also have access to the “Edit” and “Delete " functions.

To edit the lot specification click the “Pencil” button in the right column of “My lots” table opposite each available lot. Fill in the current data, then click " Save”. On the edit page, you will also be able to delete the lot.

To delete a lot, click on the "Trash" icon in the right column of the “My Lots” table next to each available lot.


In the menu “Delivery” you can find a table of lots, that have already been purchased by buyers. Here you can correct the order processing stage and inform the buyer about it. этапа формирования заказа для информирования покупателя. Click the “Modify” button, select the proper , select the current status and press the “Add” button according to each order.