Support service:


In the main menu “Market” you can see the list of available lots, filter positions by selection in the searching box.

You can view more detailed and purchase each available lot.

You can also go to the seller’s page and see all lots available for sale.

“View” button gives the possibility to learn more about the lot. Using the view mode you can continue making your purchase transaction clicking the “Buy” button and go to the payment page or view the other lots of the Seller using the button “Seller’s Page” or chat with him clicking the button “Chat”.

If you are ready to make purchase, click the “Buy” button. Fill in the pop-up window the quantity of products. After clicking the “Add to order” button the selected products will be displayed in your Cart. By clicking Confirm, you immediately proceed to the purchase of the selected lot on the payment page, or cancel the selection by clicking Cancel.


In menu item “Cart” you can find your lot added to the Order. After checking the selected lot, indicate/change the quantity and the delivery address. Make sure that all data are correct and click the button “Place an order”. You will redirected on the payment page.


To start payment click “Payment”, in the pop-up window you will see the amount to be charged. Click “Cancel” to stop the payment process or “Confirm” to continue payment.

If there are enough funds on the balance, funds will be written off.

Order view

Click the button “My orders” in the menu. Here you will se the list of all your orders and their status.

For more information click the “View” button. If the order is paid, you will gain an access to the chat with the seller. If the order is not paid you will see the button “Pay order”.

My orders

It is possible to purchase on our portal products made from precious metals and gems.

To view products which are in stock or available for sale you have to click “Market” button at the top of the website.

Here you can see all lots, their characteristics and pictures, view the seller’s page. There is also possibility to deliver goods on your address.

After selecting the lot you are interested in and making a purchase of the product, You will see this operation in the menu item "My orders", with a description of the data of this order.For detailed information about a specific order, click the "View" button to the left of the order.


Here you have the possibility to track all purchased lots/products, to make an appeal to the seller, in case of difficulties during delivery of paid goods using the button " Claim”, to store your products using the button “Storage request” and download the transportation documents for the order using an appropriate button.