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After registration, you will be able to access the portal as an investor. After authorization, You will be redirected to the page " Personal account”, where your data is placed.

In the left and upper part there is a menu to navigate through the personal Cabinet.

At the top of the menu is a "drop down" list.

Personal account

Balance information is available In Your personal account. It is the information about your funds available for investment or withdrawal, about the total amount of invested funds, about the total income (, Общем доходе - the amount of income in active investment portfolios), the needed period is the interest payment period.

On the right there are buttons:

  • “Add balance”- following this link you will be redirected in the Funds Replenishment field;
  • “Add investments”- clicking this button you will redirected to the page where you can select the investment package and transfer funds from your balance to the selected investment package;
  • “Withdrawal of funds”- is available only by positive balance. To withdraw funds indicate the amount and bank details to transfer funds. .

For easy selection of investment package инвестиционного пакета, below are all available: interest rate, withdrawal schedules with a description of the conditions of registration. Each investment package is available using a button “Add investment”

At the bottom of the Personal account page there is a table where you can see Your investment portfolio.

In the same table, you can withdraw your income funds by clicking the "Withdraw from account" button. In the withdrawal window, indicate the amount to be withdrawn, when to make a withdrawal (immediately or after interest accrual, according to the investment package), specify the direction of the transfer of funds and details, if necessary. Click “Confirm”.

Investment portfolios

In this section there is a table of your investment portfolio with all investment packages you have selected. This table is similar to the one that is located at the bottom of the Personal account page.


This section allows to track all withdrawals of your funds from the Balance, as well as date and status of the operation.