Questions and answers

Why does your company attractinvestments? You can keep all profit foryourself and not to share it.

Our company always purchases scrap for manufacturing of gold bars. We needmore and more scrap due to increase ofdemand for fine gold around the world.Investments are the way to attract the incremental working capital and enablethe company’s business growth.

The company always purchases scrap at a certain price. What if the price for finegold falls while the finish products will bein storage? Whether the company be atloss in this case?

Yes, the period between scrappurchasing and finished product manufacturing is around 40 days. But movement of price for gold in this period doesn’t exceed 1-2%. This is offset by the estimated profit rate 30%, which is already priced in.

Is it white or gray investment market?

These investment proposals are not a subject to a prior authorization of BaFin.They could be called “a gray market”. But we guarantee compliance with all legislation regarding investments. We also have a license for the activity in field of investments and precious metals. It is valid in any EU country.
By the way, the “gray” capital market today is the main source of funding for successful business-projects.

Is A.T. Property Company a start up project?

No, it is not a start-up. Our company was established in 2016. Until 2019 we have fulfilled orders of other companies and manufactured our products under another brands.In 2018 our company started the preparations for our own brand launch. We have estimated the market, there were reached agreements with buyers and suppliers, we got our licenses and registered our trademark, etc.

Is A.T. Property going to expand its business to the markets of another countries except EU countries?

We have a plan for 2020: entry into markets of South-East Asia and MiddleEast. Permits of activities in the secountries is already in the process.

What happens to my investments if the company does not collect the required amount? Will I have my profit in this case?

If the required amount will be not collected from investors, you get your profit anyway.This is in contrast to crowdfunding, where funds are returned to investors, when the target amount is not reached. Your funds start working anyway. The scrap purchasing process is continuous.The missing amount for the first goal will be provided from our own revenues.

How does the company protect investor's funds in case of force majeure?

There are 4 protection strategies.
Liquid asset. In case of our business interruption or termination, the company will have such assets as bars from finegold 999,9, as well as luxury jewelry or gold scrap. In case of sale abovementioned products, the company will be able to cover its debt to investors.
Financial control and discipline. The part of profit from investor's funds is saved for further payments and is not spent. The turnover includes only profit of the company and the amount of the main contribution ofi nvestors.
Reserve fund. The company creates the reserve fund which is 100 % equivalent to all payment of interests.The source of this reserve fund is company’s profit.
Limitation of new investments. If the company receives not enough number of orders, the purchase of scrap is unnecessary. This will lead to gold overstock and increase of costs. In this case we stop to take new investments to avoid financial risks.

How can the investor control the business?

Our investors learn about the project's implementation as well as about suspension and resumption of taking new investments by the sending out regular e-mails.

The way to take investments Is AbsolutePower the crowdfunding?

The website is not a crowdfunding platform.Crowdfunding is often a project that does not involve making a profit. However, the scheme of attracting funds in the project AbsolutePower is similar to crowd-investing.Investors get a part of profit of the company.In difference to the crowd funding we don’t conclude a contract as on special platforms.

Does the company have VIB?

We don’t have VIB, because the offer of A.T. Property is not unalloyed investment.To be exact the company offers to take part in program for purchase, sale and recycling of precious metals. We use the word “Investments” on the website for ease of understanding.

Are there any restrictions on accepting funds for participation in the program?

No, there aren’t.The minimal investment is 1$.