About company

We help to realize your ideas

We are confident that everyone should have the opportunity to earn by investing in stable and profitable business without any risks. We have therefore established AbsolutePower. It is a business project for recycling of precious metals , to which can join any private investor.

There is an increasing global demand for gold. So we developed a plan of scaling a business. It lies in expansion of company's scope of activities around the world. For this purpose we refer to our experience on precious metals market. In addition to we use information technology, which allows to make online transactions from anywhere on the planet.

The first step towards the realization is the registration of a new brand called AbsolutePower.

The second step is the creating of the marketplace absolute-power.biz with access to the personal account.

The third step is raising funds of those who want to join our business.

Goals, mission and principles

The company’s goal: to ensure profit for participants and investors through increasing of sales volume.

The company's mission: to enable people all over the world to invest, to purchase and to sale precious metals on beneficial terms.

Copmpany’s principles: Security. We believe that we need to develop the business, which has clearly proven its profitability and reliability. For this reason we develop secure business, where we have succeeded.

Transparency. We believe that investors should fully understand the company’s business model. That is why we inform our investors about our profit ratio and investment patterns.

Professionalism. In our view, the company employees must have successful experience on the precious metal market. Therefore our company employees are people, which have already proven their ability to deal with the clients challenges in this important field.

Financial literacy. Disposal of investors ' funds imposes a high degree of responsibility. That is why we establish reserve funds for the amount due to the payment of interest.

Honesty and trust. We are sure that our clients has a right to be informed about company’s business situation and about potential risks associated with investment. For this reason we ready to provide you with any required information, which may be needed to decide upon whether to cooperate with our company .

Company Highlights

A.T. Property was established in 2016. The core business is trading and manufacturing. Our scope of business is precious metals and stones, jewelry.

The company’s business model is purchasing and recycling of precious metal scrap to manufacture investment bars and production of jewelry.

Company’s Buyers are banks, stock traders, jewelry manufacturers. Company’s turnover since 2016 is 690 kg of gold (more than 10 million Euros).

We have all enabling documentation related to international purchase and sales transactions according to precious metals and stones. To A.T. Property belongs the trademark AbsolutePower.

Your opportunities

Under the plan of business expansion around the world, A.T. PROPERTY Ltd offers the private investors to join the investment programs according to precious metals recycling. Rate of return is from 0,8% to 3,0% per month.

AbsolutePower ensures you stable financial well-being.

Top managers

Mikhail Parkhomenko – Director General

He is a professional jeweler and a precious stones appraiser (gemologist) and has 12 year experience at jewellery plant. After that, he managed various business projects, including his own jewelry business related to the purchase and processing of precious metals, cutting of precious stones and their sale.

Responsibility in Absolute-Power project: organization of production processes.

Andrey Tarasov – Executive director

He is an expert in gemology. Before joining the A.T. Property managed the processing of precious and non-ferrous metals at a private EU resident company. He also has experience in project management related to gem-cutting and selling of precious stones, as well as in the manufacture of exclusive jewelry.

Responsibility in Absolute-Power project: scrap collection, supply of precious stones, sale of finished products.