Case with 500 gold coins

  • TypeAccessories
  • ColorYellow
  • ManufacturerBulgaria
  • Weight15600.00 gram
  • Description
  • Successful people can go outside the framework of possibilities. Remember, that you probably always wanted more than the others. And you got what you wanted. Because you were ready to let yourself what you wanted. The time has come when you can afford even more. Not only save and earn but also enjoy what you have. The collection AT ALL TIMES by Absolute Power presents exclusive cases with gold coins, which give you infinite possibilities at all times. Each coin is made from fine gold 999,9. Its weight is 1 troy ounce. On the obverse you see the logo AbsolutePower. On the reverse appear Roman numbers XXI, which symbolize the present, as well as words at all times like a reminder of timeless value of gold. Coins are packed in such case, which was specially designed to let you enjoy your success. The case is made of mahogany. On the top you’ll find manufacturer’s logo and his brand name, which are casted from the blackened silver. On the front side below are placed words AT ALL TIMES. Inside the case is decorated with red velvet. On the inside of the top you can also see our logo and phrase AT ALL TIMES.
  • Seller Absolute Power