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  • Sale of bars: Gold bar 999.9 fineness 1000 g = 61,436.430 USD Silver bar 1000 g = 1,230.500 USD
  • Scrap up: Gold scrap 585 fineness 1 g = 32.80 USD
  • Silver scrap 1 g = 0.78 USD
  • Exchange Rates: 1 USD = 0.9249 EUR 1 XAU Gold Ounce = 2,332.3615 USD 1 XAG Silver Ounce = 30.1045 USD
Gold transactions are 100% guarantee of profit
Now you are choosing your own path to your profit. AbsolutePower has gathered in one place much-needed services regarding gold and precious metals. Savings, purchase, sale, investing. It is a place where gold works for you.
Investing in business
Your capital works and makes money!
Precious metals scrap purchasing
Quick scrap sales at competitive prices and quick clearance!
Sale of bars
Selling of quality precious metals for production or inflation protection
Luxury gold ware
Exclusive products marketplace
We are looking for an Area Manager
New products on our marketplace
New line of premium cases with gold coins
Why choose AbsolutePower?
Own production of gold bars and jewelry. Below the market prices – without mediators margin
Unique investment opportunity with low barrier of entry. With profit from 0,8% up to 3% per month
Better rates for scrap whole sale. At above-market prices.
Luxury goods with warranty of quality on our own marketplace
Support for LMBA certified partners
Our own delivery and storage.
Current offers of AbsolutePower

Buy or sale at factory prices

  • Gold, Proof 999.9, 1000g
    $ 61,436.430
  • Silver, Proof 999.9, 1000g
    $ 1,230.500
  • $ 32.80 / 1g
    Purchase of gold
  • $ 0.78 / 1g
    Purchase of silver
Prices are valid for May 8, 2021
Brand AbsolutePower

A.T. Property Company ( an holder of brand AbsolutePower) established in 2016. Our business is trading and manufacturing activities on the market of precious metals and stones. Our clients are banks, traders, jewelry manufacturers.

Before 2019 our company was operating under another trademark providing its services as a partner within the group of companies. In 2019 A.T. Property absorbed partner companies. In this regard, a patent for the brand Absolute-Power was registered and a license for international purchase and sale of precious metals and stones was obtained.

Since the establishment in 2016 total gold turnover amounted to 710 kg or 30 million Euros. In the last three years the growth of business without involving external investment amounted to 1200%

Since 2018 our company develops a new trading platformon the Internet Our goal is to give people around the world the opportunity to invest, as well as to purchase and to sell precious metals. Thanks to AbsolutePower everyone can manage his funds online from anywhere in the world. For this purpose we have developed special software for the personal account.

Transparent business model for investment of assets

If you are looking for opportunities to invest, do not miss this unique opportunity.Investment of private assets in stable and successful business project for precious metals processing. Global demand for such products continues to increase. The AbsolutePower’s strategy is expanding the influence and integration into world markets. For this purpose our company is starting its own business for private investors.

Investments in business are the full alternative to saving products in the form of gold, securities and real estate. The proposal of AbsolutePower means investment in business, which is based on processing of gold and manufacturing of jewelry. It means profitability combined in the same time with reliability. Because company’s assets comprised precious metal and increase every day.

Invest in precious metals
with maximum profit

36% per annum

The business model is based on purchasing of scrap, its recycling and manufacturing of bars for sale. Average yield of such business accounts for more than 10 %. The operational cycle duration is 30-40 days. This time is needed to purchase scrap, to recycle it and to get money from the buyer.

Our company offers its investment program’s members to get up to 3 % out of total 10% of profitability norm. According to the annual values is up to 36% per annum. There were developed several investment packages relevant to different investment periods.

The full control of business process

AbsolutePower Company deals only with the reliable and proven partners, takes full control of use your funds:

  • we purchase precious metals scrap and store scrap and finished products by ourselves.
  • we cooperate directly (without any mediators) with gold recycling factories;
  • we sell our products by ourselves;
  • we deliver our products to the buyers by our own transport;

AbsolutePower enables your investments by means of gold and jewelry, what was considered at all times as inflation hedge and protection from financial failure.

Our company attracts investments in a limited manner, in relation to the requests. It enables to avoid unnecessary costs and reduces financial risk.

Our production target for 2026

Purchase, melting and sale of 100 tons of precious metals

  • Tariffs: Package Flexible - monthly rate is 0,8 %, rate per annum - 9,6 % Package Silver - monthly rate is 1,8 %, rate per annum - 21.6 % Package Gold - monthly rate is 2.5 %, rate per annum - 30 % Package AbsolutePower - monthly rate is 3 %, rate per annum - 36 %
Our own manufacturing of jewelry

AbsolutePower Company provides its customers with the wide range of top-class jewelry. We speak about local production, where each product is a work of Jeweler’s art and has a quality certificate.

The products are only custom-made. You can send your request and buy products through our own marketplace. It is the way for the customer to buy at lower price. For this reason there are not any such mediators between AbsolutePower and customers, as for example retailers.

We use the investors’ funds to purchase such raw material as precious metals. The selling price of finished products includes profitability norm of 30-50%. It ensures a stable income and looks after the interests of investors.

1 kg Gold Bar,
$ 61,436.43
1 kg Silver Bar,
$ 1,230.50
Topaz and sapphire ring in 750 yellow gold ,
$ 147,306.00
Tanzanite necklace with diamonds in white gold 750 ,
$ 234,845.00
Case, jewelry alloy with titanium and crocodile leather finishing (yellow and white),
$ 3,600.00
Diamond, Princess, 3.00 carat, G, VVS2,
$ 51,732.00
Diamond, Princess, 3.02 carat, G, VVS2,
$ 62,136.00
Case with 250 gold coins,

Marketplace AbsolutePower

Our own marketplace is open for any sellers and manufacturers of jewelry. AbsolutePower guarantees to the members of marketplace security of transactions and prompt protected payments.